P1votology is an advanced trading methodology based on price momentum. It has been used across all asset classes, from equities, ETFs, commodities, currencies and crypto assets.

It helps traders of all levels understand precise support and resistance levels - and execute trades with greater confidence.

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One winning methodology, for all market types

Suited to all trading levels and trading strategies, P1votology is a powerful aide that will prepare you to trade each day:
  • Equip swing traders with clearly identifiable trends and subtrends with which to plan entries and exits, for as long as the trends remain profitable.
  • Arm day traders with the most significant daily support and resistance price levels to help plan short term trades and to scalp price movement.
Daily analysis, charting, and commentary covering all major market types:
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) From Small Caps, to Technology, Biotechnology, Financials and more, gain access to the most liquid and widely traded instruments in the market.
  • Futures markets SPY mini futures, to commodities (currently covering Oil, Gas & Gold)
  • Crypto assets including BTC, ETH, LTC and the largest market cap altcoins.

Community of active traders

Discuss trade ideas and plans with the community. Gain insight on how to become a more successful trader and better understand price action. Discuss long term and short term market outlook across all markets in regular conference calls.

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