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P1votology is an advanced trading methodology based on price momentum. It allows traders to understand precise resistance and support levels - and execute trades with greater confidence. Join our vibrant trader community to get access to daily technical analysis with forecast price action, detailed trading plans, live commentary and regular conference calls.

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ETF Edition

The main focus is the charting and technical analysis of the most liquid exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and exchange-traded notes (ETNs) in the US markets. These cover technology, biotech, small caps, regional and financials, as well as gold, oil, and gas. Together, they span popular market sectors. On a daily basis, for each ETF or ETN, a new chart and commentary is presented ahead of the next trading day. The charts contain information to help explain the technical patterns exhibited and used to model future price action of any given instrument. The information may be used to assist both swing and trend traders, as well as day traders by increasing the probability of successful trades.

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Crypto Edition

The cryptocurrency marketplace has seen incredible growth and is now entering a new phase. Until recently, many collected coins as long term investments. Those people are now being joined by a growing number of traders, who see significant trading opportunities in shorter time periods. Due in part to the increased volatility, together with the launch of new crypto exchanges, trading coins offers a way to supplement the traditional equity markets, often thought to be controlled by big money, institutions and high frequency trading programs. We've created a dedicated space to support trading and education in areas linked to the expanding world of crypto currencies and relevant technologies. Whatever your trading objectives, timely technical analysis can make the difference between a winning and losing trade. Step inside.

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