Pivotology is a simple and effective aide that prepares you to trade each day. We have supplied traders with robust technical analysis since 2016.

We believe charts are only effective if they are used as tools to support trading strategies.

The best trading strategies are the simplest - that simplicity will increase the likelihood that you are able to execute.

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Finally a way to objectively trade trends without complicated technical indicators.

We always start with the trend, whether you’re preparing to day trade or to swing:
  • We reconfirm the underlying trends.
  • Describe straightforward trading strategies. They allow you to swing the trend or scalp the intraday price action.
  • We detail clear entry and exit points before the markets open, so you can set limit orders in advance or price alerts.
Daily analysis, charting, and commentary covering all major market types:
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) From Small Caps, to Technology, Biotechnology, Financials and more, gain access to the most liquid and widely traded instruments in the market.
  • Futures markets SPY mini futures, to commodities (currently covering Oil, Gas & Gold)
  • Crypto assets including BTC, ETH, LTC and the largest market cap altcoins.

In trading, context and visualisation is everything.

Services that offer basic trading alerts don't help you understand why a price level is important or whether an entry you make today is likely to be relevant tomorrow. We focus on teaching you a methodology that you can use with any ticker and when you decide to leave and trade on your own.

Our price levels are always relative to underlying trends. Visualising price in channels and trends provides the context that will help you understand and commit to trade plans. This key difference will help you avoid getting emotionally attached to trades and improve probabilities of winning trades.

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